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RF ALLIANCE, LLC is a privately held corporation founded in 2005, established through the mergers of two well-known RF Representation firms in the NY-Metro Area: ASCOR Electronics, and RF/Max. Exclusively dedicated to representing manufacturers in the RF/Microwave industry, RF ALLIANCE has hit the ground running with early and predictable continuing success. Click here to see a map of the coverage area.

RF ALLIANCE specializes in the representation of RF-related products with high engineering content. Since our customers are primarily engineers, we generate sales by providing our customers with solutions, rather than just price and delivery or "equivalent source" information.
As well, once this information is provided and engineering has done its work, RF ALLIANCE continues to provide a strong connection through Programs and Purchasing related functions at the customer.

The Way...

A basic and essential ingredient to any successful sales office is frequent and effective communication between Principal, Representative, and Customer. We believe most important among these is the Principal-Representative link.

RF ALLIANCE establishes an Account Manager for each Principal. His role is to make sure all members of the organization are aware of the latest literature, application notes, and to generally "ride herd" on behalf of his account. We solicit formal technical product information and application notes from all Principals. Specific product indoctrination and/or application information by plant technical personnel at either the Principal's plant or our office is welcome and highly desirable.We value and encourage visits to the area by our Principals.

The Practice...

Although RF ALLIANCE does not generate routine call reports, back-up contact reports will follow key and critical situations, including RFQ’s. In most instances, contact is maintained through regular phone and email correspondence regarding any open issues and outstanding action items on behalf of either the sales engineer, the customer, or the Principal. Real-time communications are, we believe, key to maintaining a high degree of "touch time" between both customer and Principal.